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Last night was unbelievable! I finally met Bastille! I was incredibly nervous because I thought I looked like a wreck, but they were so kind! I’ve struggled with anxiety and depression for quite some time now. My mom always told me that I should get the word “Breathe” tattooed on the inside of my wrist, almost as a reminder I suppose, for when I get into an episode. This brings me to Bastille. They mean the world to me. Their songs are ones that I can connect to on a very personal level; especially “Laura Palmer” and “The Draw.” I can feel my racing heart, and it makes me remember that I am alive. The Draw is so deep and meaningful that I can’t even put it into words. I would cry and cry because I never thought in a million years I would live to see them perform. Their music kept me going though. I would think, “Oh, their new single comes out next week. I can’t miss that.” Eventually, my best friend, bastilleislyfe, took me to their concert! Now it turned into, “Oh, their concert is next week. I can’t miss that!” Because of that, I’ve been getting better. I still have those bad days, but I also still have Bastille’s songs. What better way to remember that than to have the man who wrote those important songs write “Breathe” onto my wrist?

He asked me why I wanted him to write it, but I was so nervous that I didn’t get to tell him! I simply stuttered out, “I have bad anxiety,” and he wrote it without another question. He was so incredibly kind! I wanted to tell him how much his songs meant to me, and how he helped me keep going, but I just couldn’t get the words out. Maybe if I see him again I’ll be more confident.

I’m only 17, so I can’t legally get it done yet, but I’m going to take plenty of pictures so that one day I can get it tattooed in his handwriting! 


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@ toronto, october 15th 2014

@ toronto, october 15th 2014

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My friend snapchatted me this picture jokingly telling me to tell Dan Smith she said hi. Of course I screenshotted it and showed it to him. He cracked up laughing and insisted we snapchat her back making the same faces.

this saved my life


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It’s so frustrating trying to convey to people how much Bastille means to me because no matter what sort of words I use it’s NOT ENOUGH to convey the magnitude of how much I love them

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+ cincinnati, october 17 2014

+ cincinnati, october 17 2014

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More from the US Tour via the lens of @gregorynolanphotography


More from the US Tour via the lens of @gregorynolanphotography

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This conversation made me laugh out loud. What a fanboy

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